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Flawless skin
Ultimate skin

Flawless skin is something almost every woman wants, and your ultimate skin is only a few steps away.  Makeup artists often have women who claim that their skin is fine, and then ask their makeup artist to “cover up those dark circles under my eyes”, or cover up that pesky pimple, or pigmentation.  Here’s some very achievable tips for achieving your Ultimate Skin.

  • Cleanse morning and night.  Although it’s been said many times, you might not need to shell out big dollars on an expensive cleanser.  Its more important to cleanse morning & night than use the most scientifically advanced cleanser on the market.  Cleansing in the morning ensures your makeup goes into clean skin & you’re not trapping dirt underneath.  The evening cleanse removes makeup & prevents it from being pushed deeper into your pores as your face rests on the pillow overnight.  Cleansing twice at night to remove your makeup can also be beneficial.  It’s also true that leaving your makeup on overnight can cause your skin to age, as you aren’t allowing it to detoxify itself.  Cleansing helps with the detoxification process.
  • Use an eye cream.  One of the first areas of the face that starts to sag and show signs of age is the skin around the eyes.  The skin around the eyes has fewer sweat and oil glands than the rest of the face, and hence is prone to become drier.  This will lead to unnecessary ageing as the skin becomes drier with age.  Hydration, resulting from use of a good eye cream will prevent this unnecessary ageing and formation of dark circles.  In some instances genetics can contribute to dark circles, but even then, they will be exacerbated by dehydration.   The eye area will also be one of the first areas that shows wrinkles as well, and these wrinkles are also exacerbated by dehydration, so it can be good to ensure your eye cream is packed with anti-ageing ingredients.  An eye cream is one product which is worth spending good money on.
  • Use an SPF moisturiser everyday.  Particularly if you’re busy, this is vital, as it means you can skip sunscreen.  UV rays are one of the biggest causes of dark spots and pigmentation, which are one of the key causes of skin ageing and deterioration.
  • Use a night cream for your ultimate skin, to allow it to reset overnight.  If you’re not a scientist, other than the SPF on the label of your day cream, moisturisers may appear to be all the same.  There is definitely a difference.  Night creams are packed with nutrients and powerhouse ingredients, and are generally richer than day creams.  At night, after cleansing, while you sleep, your skin goes to work healing and regenerating itself.  Night creams are designed to give skin the nutrients it needs to do this, so don’t skip it.  If you find a night cream too rich, consider a serum.  Serums are light weight and often have many of the same ingredients as night creams.  Once again, these products are worth spending money on.
  • Avoid stress.  Stress can be the biggest killer of your skin, leading to dryness, breakouts, and even more lines.  Obviously, with cortisol, the stress hormone buzzing around your body, it has to be metabolized, and his often leads to the body focussing on this, rather than on regenerating the skin.  Often we top this up with extra serves of comforting food as well, within can lead to breakouts.  As we frown more, the number of lines in our face also sets in.  Thinking about booking that holiday now?  There’s a reason people say you have that post-holiday glow!
  • Drink plenty of water.  It sounds obvious, but drinking plenty of water assists with detoxification, and hydration.  It helps flush out toxins, and is the best hydrator of any moisturiser.
  • Look after your nutrition.  A good healthy diet with plenty of fresh leafy vegetables, and other fresh foods, is the best source of nutrients for your skin.
  • Detox your cosmetic cupboard for the sake of your ultimate skin.  Clean out all those old products you’ve had for years.  Many women keep skincare and cosmetics in their cupboards for years, and then wonder why they’re not getting results.  There are many other blogs written about this, but products have a use by date, and after they’ve been opened for a certain period, and exposed to the environment, they will start to degrade, and lose their effectiveness.   Make sure you do a regular spring clean, yearly is a great idea, and make sure all your products are working as hard as they should.
  • If all else fails, even if you don’t like wearing much, if any, makeup, or you’re going on holidays and need low maintenance, try a new option like a CC cream (or BB cream).  These offer a bit more coverage than a tinted moisturizer, but not as much as foundation.  They also offer a few more benefits than a tinted moisturiser or foundation, as  they combine the benefits of a makeup primer, concealer, illuminator, tinted moisturiser and foundation all in one.  If that doesn’t offer enough coverage, there are some brilliant new foundations out there, which can also multi-task.  When paired with mascara and a touch of lip gloss, they can really lift your complexion.

Good luck for your best skin ever, and if you’ve got further questions, we’d love to hear from you, and are here to help. We also have an ebook on flawless skin, if you want more detailed information. Contact us if you want your own personalised recommendations.

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