Yoga for golf?

yoga for Golf

Yoga for Golf?  It may seem strange, but I was thinking today how yoga can really help your golf game.  How?

  • A lot of the power for a golf swing actually comes from the core, and a lot of yoga poses focus on strengthening the core.
  • Breathing can play a big role in steadying the mind, and allowing better focus, all of which are important for golf.  A great idea I’ve been experimenting with is to breath in as you lift the club on your backswing, and exhale on the downswing towards impact with the ball.
  • Mental clarity and calmness which is one of the key teachings of yoga is very much needed on the golf course, particularly when you’re having a bad day.
  • The twisting motion practiced in some yoga poses very much mimics the swing of a golf club, and can be useful to build up strength.
  • Stability through the body developed through yoga is also very beneficial for golf.

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