Yoga is for everybody

Yoda is for evryone
Poolside yoga doesn’t have to just be about bikini clad girls!

Yoga isn’t just about a bikini clad girls, or hot bodies. SGD Body is passionate about getting this amazing form of exercise out there to the wider community. Particularly when its by the pool, we often think of a bikini clad girl, and we don’t realise that it is way more than that. So what is it, if it’s more than that? Here are 5 things:

  • Yoga is a great form of exercise. What a lot of people don’t realise is that you can get your heart rate up, and strengthen the body.
  • Vinyasa in particular, is about marrying breath and movement, and as a result, can also calm the mind.
  • As a result, yoga can help reduce your blood pressure, and alleviate stress as well.
  • The Yin styles are a great way to stretch after a hard workout, or another sport. It can lengthen and release the fascia, and muscles which have tightened up with another workout=
  • Yoga can detoxify the body. Particularly when we think of the hotter, sweatier classes can actually detoxify the body in the powerful way.

So there you have it. We totally recommend checking it out. If you’re interested, check out our classes, or contact us for more information.

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