Yin Roller Method

Yin Roller

Yesterday, I had the honour of attending a workshop at Estuary Yoga Space with Michelle Redman from Vitality Moves, and Karina Smith.  I will gladly say that Michelle, who came up with the idea of blending Yin yoga with a foam roller, is a genius.  As a yoga and barre teacher, and all around active person, who goes to the gym most days as well as teaching, and holding down other jobs and career pathways as well, I often end up with some tight sore muscles, and can end up quite frazzled at times.  A foam roller is a great way of getting some good self massage, and yin yoga is great for calming, de-stressing, and clearing the mind as well.  I thoroughly enjoyed this 2 hour workshop, and it went by in a flash.  I also slept like a log afterwards, and my muscles felt a great sense of relief.  For anyone who is quite tight, I would thoroughly recommend checking out the Yin Roller method, by heading over to the Vitality Moves page.  If you’ve got any questions about yoga in general, please contact us.

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