Why Yin Yoga?


Why Yin Yoga? Yin yoga has some great benefits in today’s modern world, but is often underrated, and not given much time, in many yoga studios. Here, Sarah shares a few reasons Yin yoga is amazing.

In today’s modern yoga studios, Vinyasa is often what is practiced. Vinyasa is generally a flowing style of yoga, and is often quite flowing. It has it’s roots in Hatha styles of yoga, and can be quite energetic. It is often what is associated with a lot of the acrobatic type poses and arm balances, which you often see on social media.

Yin yoga is a slower style of yoga, designed to release the connective tissue, and can release tension, toxins and stress. It can help us to stop and reflect, and see any imbalances which may be developing in the body. It gives us a chance to slow down, and reflect. Reflection can be a vital tool in today’s fast paced world. We often run from place to place, and don’t give our body time to slow down.

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