Why SGD Body & Beauty exists

Why SGD Body & Beauty exists

SGD Body and Beauty understands that women are busy. Between things like work, family, friends, social obligations and more, trying to find some ‘me time’ to focus on their skincare or beauty regime is a constant battle for most women. This is why SGD Body & Beauty exists.

That’s why SGD Body and Beauty is a day spa with a difference: they are a mobile beauty service that delivers affordable skincare and beauty treatments to the client’s home or office, at the client’s convenience.

Sarah Dower, founder of SGD Body and Beauty, says ‘we see how women struggle to find the time to treat themselves to any type of skincare or beauty treatment due to the constant demands on their time. So at SGD we developed a mobile beauty service that delivers flexible packages to their door.” 

Sarah adds, “This mobile service cuts out the need for our clients to spend their time travelling to and from a salon. We also provide flexible hours, as we realised that for a lot of women, standard salon hours were simply not suited to their busy days.” 

“At SGD we believe that me-time is important for all women, so we do our best to fit into your day and routine, not the other way round, which has so often been the case with standard salon service.”

SGD Body and Beauty believes in providing a holistic beauty solution to clients. They not only deliver treatments, they also provide women with education about affordable and maintainable skincare and make-up tips. 

Sarah explains, “We appreciate that most women can’t get to the salon on a regular basis, so our consultants take the time out to give clients advice on skincare and beauty, including how a client can do effective facials on their own. We also deliver the needed products, so clients don’t have to spend time shopping for them.”

SGD Body and Beauty offers the full spectrum of skincare and beauty services as well as nails, including manicures, pedicures, acrylics and gels. They also offer a range of wellness services. They service the Melbourne metropolitan area.

About SGD Body and Beauty: SGD is the day spa that comes to you. Ideal for busy women who don’t want to waste time commuting to and from salons or for those who struggle to find any me time, SGD offers the full spectrum of beauty, manicure and pedicure services in the comfort of your own home or office. SGD can also help you maintain your skin’s appearance without paying exorbitant salon prices, whilst still using ultra-premium products and educating you about how to best take care of your skin, according to your unique needs and budget.

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