Travel friendly skincare and makeup

travel friendly makeup

One of the things I’ve always struggled with, is how to travel well without compromising on my makeup or skincare.  As a bit of a skincare and makeup junkie, people always expect me to be impeccably made up, regardless of whether I’m travelling.  Here are a few things I never go without.

  • A good cleanser and makeup remover.  These can double up, and you can use a good cleanser to take your makeup off.
  • A good quality makeup remover pad.  I’m a big fan of the Sante by Enjo makeup remover pads, as they can be reused.  Particularly if you’re travelling for more than a few days, these are great.  Rather than taking a whole wad of cotton pads to take your makeup off, you can just take one of these, and wash it in the basin after use.
  • A good quality serum.  A serum is a must, as they can boost hydration after a long flight, which is essential, as air travel can be very drying to the skin.  Arbonne has a great travel skincare set available with purchase of a skincare set.
  • An eye cream.  For the same reason as above, air travel can be drying, and the sensitive skin around the eye area can be particularly susceptible.
  • A good moisturiser, and a good night cream.  Often I end up travelling to sunny locations, and a good moisturiser with SPF is vital.  A good night cream is also vital to combat the drying effects of air travel and air-conditioning.
  • Small travel size makeup.  The last thing I want to be doing is dragging around large full size pots of makeup, so travel sizes are a god send.  In many instances, once you’ve found some good pots or palettes you can refill them.  I love anything refillable, as they make travelling so much easier, you can just refill what you need.  The refillable eye shadow from Arbonne is a great for travel, as it will hold 4 good size eyeshadows.
  • Good travel makeup brushes.  You don’t need to be carting around those great long handled brushes, but good quality brushes are vital to getting a professional finish to your makeup.  I wouldn’t be caught dead without some good makeup brushes, to make sure I always look my best.  I can’t go past the Arbonne brushes for a good concise set.

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