Tips for brides who choose to do their own hair or makeup

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Brides often choose the do-it-yourself option for many reasons.  This could be simply because you feel comfortable enough to do it yourself, or it could be for budget reasons, or because you’re having a destination wedding, and don’t feel comfortable using a hairstylist or makeup artist who’s been organised by your wedding planner, and who you only meet a few days before the wedding. You do need to be comfortable in your own skills if you choose this option.  

  • Its always worth considering organising a consultation with a hairstylist or makeup artist before your big day to get some tips and tricks.  A lot of bridal makeup artists will offer lessons, as do some hairstylists (particularly if you explain what you’re after).  This will help you gain confidence in your skills, and allow you to get an idea on what products you might need for your big day.  You can also consult a myriad of YouTube videos out there to help you get the best look for your big day.
  • Don’t be afraid to invest in products for the big day.  Remember you’re saving money on the cost of getting a professional to do your makeup, and the products you buy will most likely last you for many months to come, and for many more uses, so the investment can be extended over a period of time.  Once you know how to do your special formal/sexy/classy/beach makeup look, chances are you’ll use this many more times over the years.  I did my own wedding makeup, and even though I’m a professional, I still splurged on a few special products for my wedding makeup.  They ended up being some of the most used products in my makeup bag; I’d just needed an excuse to spend the money, as I’d previously thought I wouldn’t use these products.
  • Make sure you trial the looks you like before the big day.  As with hiring professionals, and having a trial before the big day, this will allow you to ensure that the products and techniques you choose will work for you, your skintype, and your hair.  This will also ensure you don’t end up being late to the ceremony because you can’t quite get your hair and makeup right, or it ends up taking twice the time you thought it would.
  • Ensure you speak with your bridesmaids about your decision to DIY.  As they will be involved, and will also need to have their makeup and hair done, you need to ensure they are confident to do their own hair or makeup.  If they are not, suggest that they also come with you when you consult the hairstylist or makeup artist for a lesson.  If they’re not happy with this, be prepared to let them have their hair and makeup done by their own hairdresser or makeup artist, and don’t be afraid to suggest that this will be at their own expense, particularly if you have paid for their dress, and they aren’t paying to attend a destination wedding.  If they are paying to attend a destination wedding consider the cost to your bridesmaids as well when it comes to this.
  • Ask your bridesmaids or mum to help.  Don’t be afraid to get your bridesmaids involved in the action.  Chances are they’ll enjoy it, and will also be delighted to learn how to do their own makeup or hair.  It can also be a really fun experience, and can often be really useful, having all those extra pairs of hands to help with your hair.  After all, how many girls remember playing with their mum’s makeup when their friends came over when they were young.

Finally, don’t forget to do your research, relax and enjoy your big day in the way that only you can.

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