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Self care is a radical thought in this day and age.  So often we don’t take proper care of ourselves.  We get caught up in doing, and we don’t take proper care of ourselves.  I’ve noticed in the last few weeks, that whenever I compromise on my self care, my skin starts to suffer.  By self care, I don’t just mean skincare either.  That’s a trap a lot of us fall into, we think its just about skincare.  It’s most definitely not.  Here’s a few tips I’ve learnt for taking good care of yourself.

  • Drink plenty of water, and stay hydrated.  If we don’t stay hydrated, our skin and mental health can suffer.  Dehydration can cause mental fogginess, and cause us to feel cranky, not to mention, our skin also gets dehydrated.
  • Take time out for yourself to move.  Find a type of movement that works for you.  Personally, I love yoga and barre classes, and find these really work for me.
  • Take time out to breathe.  Breath is super important.  Adequate oxygenation in the body helps with mental clarity, as our brain doesn’t function without it.  Take slow breaths, as they can help calm the mind.  Meditation is great for calming the mind and breathing.  If our brain gets carried away, it can have all sorts of effects on the brain.  The mind is so powerful, so let it relax, so it doesn’t go too crazy.
  • Eat plenty of healthy food.  Although we all love a good night out, our bodies don’t function well on a consistent diet of junk food, so aim for balance.  This will also help with your state of mind as well.
  • Make self care a priority, don’t let it suffer just because you’re “busy”.  We are human beings, not human doings, so let yourself be occasionally, to take time out to rest.
  • Sometimes, although I said above that we need to move, make sure it doesn’t mean you’re always flogging yourself in order to move and workout.  You need to ensure your body gets what it needs, and sometimes that it to sit in stillness, and breathe deeply.

Now to take some time out……

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