Do you want Glamorous corporate makeup?

Do you want glamorous corporate makeup that lasts the distance and will be kind to you? Do you want to look glamorous every day when you head of to work?  Most women want to look completely polished, put together, and glamorous every day for work.  Whilst many articles have been written about the role of […]

Great Looking Winter Skin

As women, we often neglect our own self care and appearance, and focus on others.  Looking after our skin doesn’t have to be time consuming.  Just because its cold, and we’re not showing much skin doesn’t mean we need to neglect it.  You can take awesome care of your skin at home, and get great […]

Skincare for yoga and fitness


Ever wondered whether you should modify your skincare when you’re into yoga and fitness? SGD’s beauty, yoga and fitness fanatics answer your questions.  Many girls steer clear of makeup when working out, or even worse, steer clear of working out because they are worried about their makeup.  However, with all the options out there these […]