10 tips for stress-free wedding makeup

Stress free wedding hair and makeup is very important for any bride.  The more relaxed you are on your big day, the more radiant you will appear in your photos, and the more natural your smile will be, and lets face it, that’s what we all want in our wedding photos.  Stress free wedding makeup […]

Why Should You Hire A Hair and Make-up Artist For Your Event Photoshoot

Why Should You Hire A Hair and Make-up Artist For Your Event Photoshoot

No matter what kind of photoshoot we are going to have, we always want to look our best. So if you want to look gorgeous during the day of your photoshoot, we suggest hiring a professional hair and makeup artist to help you. You might think that hiring a hair and makeup artist can be […]

First Date Makeup Tips

Enhance that heading out glow with these quick and easy makeup tips. A first date, or first outing can be exciting, and can cause the skin to glow in expectation.  That’s the glow that looks sexy, and we look back on that and think how amazing we looked on our first date with that special […]

Keep your skin fresh

Flawless skin

Living in these times can place pressures on our skin, particularly with high levels of stress or sun exposure (although maybe more stress at the moment).  With this in mind, it’s a great idea to protect your skin, and keep it young and fresh, rather than having to resort to drastic measures later.  Here are […]

Makeup: Empowering or Enslaving?

Is makeup empowering or enslaving?  I’ve been doing makeup at the Melbourne Cup Carnival this week here in Melbourne.  Some of the experiences I’ve had with clients started me thinking about what makeup means to different people, and how it impacts us. Empowering For me, makeup was always about feeling good about myself, or feeling […]

Travel friendly skincare and makeup

travel friendly makeup

One of the things I’ve always struggled with, is how to travel well without compromising on my makeup or skincare.  As a bit of a skincare and makeup junkie, people always expect me to be impeccably made up, regardless of whether I’m travelling.  Here are a few things I never go without. A good cleanser […]

Even makeup artists go makeup free sometimes

Even makeup artists go makeup free sometimes

Working in beauty and makeup, I often think that people need to see us in makeup all the time, and that we need to showcase our art.  I’ve recently downgraded my beauty and makeup routine when I’m not working, and my skin is reaping the benefits.  So here are a few tips from experience: Take […]