Flawless Bridal Makeup Secrets

How can you get flawless makeup on your wedding day? Sarah from SGD Body & Beauty spills a few of her flawless Bridal Makeup Secrets. Flawless Bridal Makeup Tips & Secrets Hottest trends & application styles Top 5 wedding makeup products Still not sure, or want some personalised recommendations? Contact us now for a personalised […]

Happy New Year: Reflecting Gives Perspective

Reflecting at the end of last year gave me perspective on a few things. Ever notice how two people can see the same thing and have completely different interpretations of exactly the same event?  I’ve been reflecting on this recently, as it’s quite removed from the way we often think.  Often in science, things are […]

Makeup: Empowering or Enslaving?

Is makeup empowering or enslaving?  I’ve been doing makeup at the Melbourne Cup Carnival this week here in Melbourne.  Some of the experiences I’ve had with clients started me thinking about what makeup means to different people, and how it impacts us. Empowering For me, makeup was always about feeling good about myself, or feeling […]

Even makeup artists go makeup free sometimes

Even makeup artists go makeup free sometimes

Working in beauty and makeup, I often think that people need to see us in makeup all the time, and that we need to showcase our art.  I’ve recently downgraded my beauty and makeup routine when I’m not working, and my skin is reaping the benefits.  So here are a few tips from experience: Take […]