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As women, we often feel stuck in a sense that our self esteem is inevitably linked to how we look, and more often than not, we feel powerless to change that.  This is often even more so when we don’t want to succumb to toxic chemical ingredients, and want to stay safe and make organic sustainable choices for our personal care products. Beauty products don’t need to be toxic.  We’re constantly told we should be confident in our own skin, and sometimes this can result in us feeling a bit guilty when we reach for the concealer because we’re feeling a bit tired.  However, this doesn’t have to be the case, as there are plenty of beautiful, natural ways to improve our lot. Let’s face it, like most women, when our skin looks and feels amazing, we feel invincible, and on top of the world, and it feels like our self esteem is at its peak.  Here are a few tips to help with maintaining this feeling all the time, whilst using sustainable beauty to feel great.

  • Get plenty of fresh air, take deep breaths, and stand up straight.  I know it sounds silly, but when we get stressed, and feel like we’re lacking confidence, usually, our shoulders start to slouch, we start breathing shallowly, and not getting enough oxygen in, which really is counter-productive, and usually makes us feel more stressed, and even less confident, as our brain isn’t getting enough oxygen, so breath it in, and put those shoulders back, and usually we’ll start to feel more confident pretty quickly.
  • Eat a good diet. It’s no coincidence that a lot of us end up with breakouts after we eat a lot of junkfood.  Your body has to get rid of the toxins somehow, and one key way the body does this, is through the skin, which often manifests as pimples. Your body won’t need as many products if you take care of it from the inside, allowing you to use more eco-friendly, sustainable beauty to feel great.
  • Gain some independence.  Often when we feel trapped or dependent, we also feel less confident, and this then has a flow on effect, that we end up taking poorer care of ourself, because we feel we’re not worth it, and then it goes around in a vicious circle, and we end up feeling trapped.  Get out of the rut, do something for yourself, whether it be getting out and meeting friends for coffee, getting out and doing something you enjoy, or even starting your own business, to get a bit of extra money coming in, so you can afford to do these things.
  • Take good care of your skin. This can be done at home.  Start with simple steps like cleansing morning and night, and moisturising.  These basic steps will help you skin detoxify and renew itself, and start heading you in the right direction for pure, clear, wrinkle free skin.  This is the foundation for looking great.  No amount of makeup is ever going to completely cover blemishes and wrinkles.  As a makeup artist, I constantly get called in at the 11th hour before a wedding and asked to cover up under eye circles in a way that won’t exacerbate the fine lines under their eyes, which could have been easily controlled in the weeks leading up to the wedding, by taking better care of their skin.
    • If you don’t feel confident to set up a good skincare routine, call in the professionals.  A lot of beauty therapists are more than happy to consult with clients on a good at home routine which will fit within your lifestyle.  Don’t be worried that they’ll try and sell you complicated products which you won’t be able to use at home.  Be clear with them about what your lifestyle entails, and if you only want to start with a few basic products, and tell them if their recommendations are starting to sound a bit complicated.
    • Give your new skincare routine time to work.  In a lot of cases, on starting or revamping their skincare routine, clients can in some cases get breakouts.  In some instances, this can simply be the skin detoxifying itself, and the impurities which may have been buried in the deeper layers of the skin coming to the surface, and being removed from the body.  This is perfectly normal as your skin adjusts to the new skincare.  If they don’t settle down after a few days to a week and you are concerned, once again, let the therapist know, and ask questions.
  • Whilst makeup shouldn’t replace a good skincare routine, it definitely has a fantastic self-esteem boosting place in any woman’s life.  Get a good makeup routine going right from the start.  Once again, a good place to start with this, is to consult a professional, and be clear about what time you have available, and what sort of budget, and what your lifestyle entails.  Its no good trying to use a heap of makeup and using heaps of mascara if you have an active lifestyle and are going to look like a panda at the end of the day.
    • Invest in some good quality products right from the start.  Whilst it may seem like the $10 makeup from the supermarket will suffice, and does the same job, this is often deceptive economy.  Often, you end up using less of the more expensive product, which means that you actually end up saving money.  Not only this, often the slightly more expensive products are actually better for your skin, and won’t clog your pores, leaving your skin looking better over the long term, so you can end up using less and less as time goes by.
    • Invest in just a few good items which you’ll end up using all the time.  There’s no point having a cupboard full of products which you just end up throwing out because you never use them, or you don’t know how to, or you don’t feel comfortable using them.  
    • Invest in one or two good makeup lessons.  This will grow your confidence around using the products you have invested in, and ensure you look flawless and are the most confident version of yourself that you can be. Preferably choose a makeup artist or beauty therapist that uses sustainable beauty to help you feel great.
  • Look for natural products where possible.  There are plenty of sustainable, eco-friendly, and natural professional grade products out there now, so there is no need to sacrifice quality and effectiveness in order to have natural products.  Legally, brands are required to put the scientific names of their ingredients on the packaging, so just because the ingredient list looks complicated, doesn’t mean the product can’t be naturally based and highly effective.

Good luck pursuing the most confident flawless version of yourself with sustainable beauty to feel great.  Don’t be afraid to ask for advice, and don’t be afraid of using all the beauty tools available to you, including skincare and makeup to enhance your self-esteem.   Contact us for your personalised routine. If you’d like some free advice, also check out our free e-book.

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