Stress vs relaxation: 5 ways to deal with stress.

Stress vs relaxation

Its interesting how the body deals with chronic stress. I’ve realised in the last week that chronic stress can manifest itself in all sorts of ways.  Often we get breakouts, and other skin issues, like rashes.  Other times it may be in how we act, and how we deal with those who are most important in our lives.  One of the things that attracts a lot of us to yoga and other mindfulness practices in our modern lives, is the ability to destress, and relax, and allow our bodies to recover.  After dealing with some chronically stressful situations over the last few months, it has made me realise the importance of self care.  Self care also goes above and beyond that 5 minutes in the bathroom with a face mask, or that yoga class once a week, particularly if we are dealing with chronic stress.  Here are 5 ways we can take better care of ourselves.

  1. Yoga:  Try and maintain a consistent practice.  For best results, I’ve definitely found that a class once a week is a minimum.
  2. Incorporate meditation into your day to day life.  Meditation doesn’t have to be sitting on a rock in the middle of nowhere like a hermit, you can even do it in your car, or while walking along the beach.  There are heaps of apps now which can help you learn to meditate as well.
  3. Incorporate some self care routines into you day to day skincare.  Take 10 minutes on the weekend to lie down with a face masque on.  Unfortunately putting the masque on while you brush your teeth, and do other tasks doesn’t quite count.  Allowing yourself to relax and do nothing else at the same time is ideal, if at all possible.
  4. Allow yourself to tune out to the world while you exercise.  If yoga isn’t your thing, give yourself 30 minutes with headphones in while you go for a run, and allow yourself the time to be technology and phone free.
  5. Allow yourself to sit in the sun with a nice drink.  As we come into warmer weather, its an ideal time to spend some time sitting in the sun, and soaking up a bit of vitamin D.  Try and do this without external stimulation, such as TV, radio, or magazines clogging up your thought processes.  Just let your thoughts come and go.

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