First Date Makeup Tips

Enhance that heading out glow with these quick and easy makeup tips. A first date, or first outing can be exciting, and can cause the skin to glow in expectation.  That’s the glow that looks sexy, and we look back on that and think how amazing we looked on our first date with that special person.  

6 top makeup tips

  • Don’t forget to prep your skin first.  Cleanse, moisturise, and wait for a few minutes to let your moisturiser sink in, and then apply a good makeup primer.  This will help your makeup last all day or night.
  • Illuminate the inner corners of your eyes.   Shimmer eye shadow can be really good for a date.  Throw some of the old makeup rules out the window, and perhaps look for a shimmer eyeshadow range that matches your outfit, or perhaps a sequence of eyeshadows in your favourite colors.  I always choose 2-3 colours.  Use a light colour, like a silver or white on the inner corner, and then blend to a darker colour on the outside.  Then enhance further with eyeliner and mascara if needed.  The light colour on the inner corner can help you look more awake, and can help to combat any dark circles.
  • For an evening date, you can go a little heavier on the mascara.  This allows your eye makeup to be a bit more dramatic without necessarily overloading it, and looking overdone.
  • A small amount of highlighter can enhance the glow of a first date.  Apply a little bit of highlighter to the top of your cheeks.  If you’re worried about it being a little too much, mix a little with your foundation, and blend really well.  A lot of the cream formulas available today mix really well with foundation to give a natural glow.
  • Embrace your natural beauty.  Its definitely not sexy to be running off to the bathroom every 5 minutes to check your makeup, or being worried that you’re turning into a panda with too much eye makeup.  With a lot of the new BB and CC creams, it’s really easy to embrace natural beauty.
  • Don’t overdo the blush.  This is one thing that is really easy to do, particularly if you are wearing heavier eye makeup.  Heavier eye makeup can make your other makeup look paler in comparison, however, you don’t want to end up looking like a clown, so it can be advisable to take it easy on the blush.

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