Preparing for Your Event Shoot: Hair and Make-up Tips

Preparing for Your Event Shoot: Hair and Make-up Tips

So you have finally decided to have that photoshoot you have been looking forward to. You’re now ready to face the camera and show off those poses you’ve been practising for a couple of days. 

But then you remember that before your photoshoot, you still have one last thing you need to take care of. And that would be your hair and makeup look. 

You start panicking – what if your skin looks dry? What if during the day of your photoshoot a pimple suddenly pops out? What if your hair looks dry in your photos?

Don’t fret because we’re with you every step of the way. Today, we’re going to help you prepare your hair and makeup for your event photoshoot using these tips.

Before The Shoot

The best way to make your skin and hair look glowing and smooth during your photoshoot is to prepare days (even weeks) before your photoshoot. Here’s how you can do it:

Hydrate! Hydrate!

Drink lots of water. Hydration is very important for our skin. It helps achieve smoother and fresh-looking skin. Plus, it brings out the real and natural colours of your skin.

Drinking lots of water is the easiest way to achieve glowing skin in your photos.

Exfoliate Your Skin

You don’t want to make your skin look dry during your photoshoot, right? So before your photo shoot, make sure to exfoliate your skin at least two to three times a week.

Make sure to remove all the dead skin when you exfoliate. Removing the dead skin can expose the fresh and healthy skin underneath it.  If you’re not sure, or don’t have the products, perhaps consider a facial.

Don’t Forget To Moisturize

The week before your photoshoot, make sure to moisturize your skin daily. A moisturizer with no fragrance would be the best option. Some moisturizers with fragrances can cause inflammation, especially in those who have very sensitive skin.

Moisturizing can help your skin stay hydrated so it would look super stunning in photos.

Get A Haircut

If you want your hair to look tidy and proper during your photoshoot, we suggest getting a haircut. 

A full haircut would be best for those who are willing to change their hairstyles. But a trim can also remove that uneven and dead hair.

Some even prefer to have their hair coloured for their photoshoot. You can talk to your hairstylist about which hairstyle would look the best during your photoshoot.

Get A Hair Treatment

Taking care of your skin is important, but so is taking care of your hair.

Both your skin and hair will be fully exposed during your photoshoot and they are two of the most important elements that can bring out your beauty.

So before your photo shoot, make sure to take care of your hair as well. A deep conditioning treatment will help keep your hair looking soft and flowy in your photos!

Consider A Tan (If you want)

For those who want to give themselves a spray tan before their photo shoot, we recommend doing this two to three days before your photo shoot. This will allow the tan to settle into your skin so it would look natural in your photos.

It’s not necessary to get a spray tan during a photoshoot but some people prefer looking slightly tanned in their photos. They say it makes you look sexier and can boost up your sex appeal.

Most people who get spray tan before a photoshoot are those who are planning to take their boudoir photoshoot.

During The Shoot

Arrive On Time

During your photoshoot, always make sure to arrive on time.

Arriving on time will make it easier for your hair and makeup artist to put on your makeup and style your hair for you. This will also help you achieve your dream look for your photoshoot since you won’t have to race with the time.

Preparing your hair and makeup is very important before doing a photoshoot. This can help you achieve a better look and can boost your confidence a hundred folds. If you want to have the best hair and makeup services for your photoshoot, contact SGD Body & Beauty for their splendid services! And for the best newborn photography services in Melbourne, Siobhan Wolff Photography is always at the ready.                      

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