New Nutrition thoughts: Including Collagen Supplements

Arbonne Collegen Builder


Arbonne has launched some new nutrition products, including a new flavour of their Collagen Builder supplement.  How does this differ from some of the other Collagen Supplements out there? What do I think of these?  A Collagen Builder is quite different to a standard Collagen supplement, in that a builder helps the body to build it’s own collagen which is then delivered to where the body needs it most.  A Collagen supplement contains collagen from an outside source.  When collagen from an outside source is ingested into the body, it is broken down to it’s building blocks and then the body uses these building blocks to manufacture it’s own collagen and deliver it to where it’s needed, so this is actually taking the body more time and energy before the collagen is delivered to where it is needed most, and where it can actually affect the appearance of the skin.

Here’s a few of my thoughts on some of the new nutrition and skincare products from Arbonne.

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