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Would you love to improve your mental clarity, dance away your Saturday morning, feel better, feel fitter, trim down, tone up, or look great in that bikini on your next holiday (whenever that may be)?

SGD Body & Beauty offers yoga, barre, fitness and meditation classes around Melbourne. Founder and director, Sarah understands the importance of staying fit, and keeping healthy.

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Group Classes

Yoga in Melbourne


Are you looking for an exercise form that will help calm your mind, and help you switch off after a busy day or week, yoga may be perfect.I offer online and in person, group, private and corporate sessions.On demand classes are available to purchase.
Pilates in Melbourne


Join our is a low impact pliates class. Develop strength using controlled movements that enhance your balance, core strength, mobility, flexibility, and mood.
Yoga Class in Melbourne

Personal Training

Are you looking to get fit, or tone up? I’m a qualified personal trainer, and offers personal training sessions at a location that works for you.

Individual Classes