Healthy living inside and out

Healthy living

Healthy living inside and out is one of the hallmarks of the Arbonne 30 days to healthy living.  I’ve recently started another round of this amazing program. It’s a great reboot for your nutrition and health, with an amazing nutrition range to back it up.  Then on Friday when I was lucky enough to close a big sale, and did succumb to a celebratory drink.  It got me thinking how often we fall into the trap of thinking:  “I’ll restart on Monday” or something similar when we have a moment of weakness, and let our healthy eating, or other good habits slide.  Why do we think this?  We use this as an excuse to take the easy road out, and to have a cheat day, or few days.  Why not flip the script, and get started again straight away?  Getting back on the horse, and getting back to our good habits sooner, this can help us to ensure we don’t undo all our good work, and don’t just let everything go.

This has rebooted my passion for coaching clients, and helping people to achieve good results.  I’m getting back to the healthy habits now, and am looking forward to sharing some of these insights.  Is there anything you’re using as an excuse, or getting lazy about?



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