Even makeup artists go makeup free sometimes

Even makeup artists go makeup free sometimes

Working in beauty and makeup, I often think that people need to see us in makeup all the time, and that we need to showcase our art.  I’ve recently downgraded my beauty and makeup routine when I’m not working, and my skin is reaping the benefits.  So here are a few tips from experience:

  • Take your makeup off before a workout, even if its yoga, pilates, or barre, or you don’t think you’ll sweat much.  Your skin will thank you for it, as sweating can be the skin’s natural detox mechanism, so don’t make it work even harder than it needs to.
  • Take advantage of lighter makeup when you can.  My skin is looking so much clearer and softer, after switching from full makeup every day, to using a BB cream and just a tiny bit of concealer, eye liner, mascara and lip gloss.
  • Double cleanse at night when you have been wearing full makeup.  And no, that doesn’t include your makeup remover.  Makeup remover, followed by a cream or oil cleanser and then a foaming cleanser will well and truly remove all traces of makeup.  If you choose products specific to your skin type, you won’t dry out your skin either.
  • Wear no makeup if you can.  Yes, you heard right, if you’re just going to be at home, or somewhere where makeup isn’t essential, ie the golf course or gym, don’t wear any.  If you take good care of your skin, it should be clear and radiant, and you shouldn’t have much to cover up.  Admittedly, this doesn’t work for all of us all the time, as we’ve all had bad stretches with our skin, but take good care of your skin, and you will reap the rewards.

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