Could you wear less makeup? Here’s a few tips.

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Have the last few years made you reconsider how much makeup you’re wearing, or your morning routine?  Do you want to wear less makeup? If so, you’re definitely not alone, as mentioned by the Huffington Post. Many people are reconsidering how much makeup they’re wearing, and many are finding they are wearing less makeup on Zoom calls and meetings, and some have even found they’re wearing less makeup when they do go out for face to face meetings.  We’ve got a few tips for wearing less makeup.

If you’re finding that you may want to wear less makeup to the office, here’s a few tips for wearing less makeup.
1. Invest in good skincare.
2. Make sure you’re nourishing and hydrating your body. Often our diet and hydration (or lack thereof) can wreak havoc with our skin.
3. Consider how your hair and jewelry are framing your face.
4. If you’re looking to streamline your routine, consider getting some professional advice. Contact us if you’d like more info.
5. To perk up your complexion, consider multi-tasking products, such as a BB cream and a few basic essentials.

If you’d like tips and tricks, to help in going low maintenance, please contact us.

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