Healthy Breakfast and Morning Routines

What do you do first thing in the morning?  Do you have breakfast first thing?  No matter where you choose to have breakfast, that’s fine, as long as you are having a healthy breakfast & morning routine to set you up for the day. Eating a healthy breakfast gives you more energy and can help […]

New Nutrition thoughts: Including Collagen Supplements

Arbonne Collegen Builder

  Arbonne has launched some new nutrition products, including a new flavour of their Collagen Builder supplement.  How does this differ from some of the other Collagen Supplements out there? What do I think of these?  A Collagen Builder is quite different to a standard Collagen supplement, in that a builder helps the body to […]

30 days to glow & feel lighter

Look and feel lighter, and start to get your glow back in 30 days with SGD Body & Beauty. Receive 2 or 4 PT sessions, at the start and end of the program, with full postural evaluations, a smoothie & nutrition pack for 1-2 quick and easy meals a day (have a healthy breakfast made […]

Slivers of Peace in a Hectic Life

Schedule Collage

Living in this modern world, we’re often running around at a rapid pace, and barely have time to breathe, let alone relax and enjoy a moment of peace. How often have you felt light-headed at the pace of our lives? How does this make you feel? Do you wonder if you’ll ever find any slivers […]

Arbonne Christmas collection unboxing

Arbonn Unboxing - New gift range

As many of you may know, I love Arbonne products.  They’ve just released their Christmas collection for 2021, along with some of their new skincare ranges.  I thought I’d offer some of my thoughts on the new Christmas range, so I recorded a Christmas collection unboxing video for you. I’ll be featuring snippets on my […]

Healthy living inside and out

Healthy living

Healthy living inside and out is one of the hallmarks of the Arbonne 30 days to healthy living.  I’ve recently started another round of this amazing program. It’s a great reboot for your nutrition and health, with an amazing nutrition range to back it up.  Then on Friday when I was lucky enough to close […]

Mind, Body, and Beauty

Healthy living

With Melbourne going back into lockdown this week, I’ve had a bit of time to think, and one of the things I’ve been thinking about it how Mind, Body, and Beauty are all interconnected. I posted a video on my social media earlier about this, on Facebook, and Instagram. I finally had the confidence this […]

Why Meditate?

Why meditate? What is meditation? So many times, I hear that someone can’t meditate, often because they can’t sit still, or they can’t stop thinking. Meditation doesn’t have to be about stopping your thoughts. It can be as simple as just stopping for a few moments to breathe. If you want to learn to meditate, […]

Beauty (and other) benefits of Meditation

benefits of meditation

Meditation has really been hitting the mainstream, particularly with the special times we find ourselves in now. Many people ask what meditation can do for them. We were asked recently, what are the beauty benefits of meditation? We definitely believe it can, as well as helping with your health and wellness as well. As we […]