Why Should You Hire A Hair and Make-up Artist For Your Event Photoshoot

Why Should You Hire A Hair and Make-up Artist For Your Event Photoshoot

No matter what kind of photoshoot we are going to have, we always want to look our best. So if you want to look gorgeous during the day of your photoshoot, we suggest hiring a professional hair and makeup artist to help you. You might think that hiring a hair and makeup artist can be […]

Skincare to look glamorous and amazing on your special day

Flawless skin

Now that weddings are back on, it’s well worth looking at how we can look our best for our next special event.  All of us want to look absolutely amazing from start to finish.  Whilst many articles have been written about makeup techniques, products, and what facials you should have before the big day, have […]

Could you wear less makeup? Here’s a few tips.

new skincare

Have the last few years made you reconsider how much makeup you’re wearing, or your morning routine?  Do you want to wear less makeup? If so, you’re definitely not alone, as mentioned by the Huffington Post. Many people are reconsidering how much makeup they’re wearing, and many are finding they are wearing less makeup on […]

First Date Makeup Tips

Enhance that heading out glow with these quick and easy makeup tips. A first date, or first outing can be exciting, and can cause the skin to glow in expectation.  That’s the glow that looks sexy, and we look back on that and think how amazing we looked on our first date with that special […]

Makeup masterclasses

As we come out of these special times, we’re here to help you get your skin glowing again, and reboot your look along with your “in-real-life” social life? In conjunction with some colleagues and Arbonne cosmetics, we’re launching Makeup Masterclasses on Facebook. Learn quick tips and tricks for easy makeup mastery. Look amazing and get […]

17 Beauty Ideas for Busy Mums


If you’re anything like the typical mum, your beauty routine is probably the first thing to go when family life gets busy.  Who has time to run down the beauty salon for that facial when you’ve got little kids at home, or a husband with a demanding job?  We’ve got 17 beauty ideas for busy […]

Do you want Glamorous corporate makeup?

Do you want glamorous corporate makeup that lasts the distance and will be kind to you? Do you want to look glamorous every day when you head of to work?  Most women want to look completely polished, put together, and glamorous every day for work.  Whilst many articles have been written about the role of […]

Happy New Year: Reflecting Gives Perspective

Reflecting at the end of last year gave me perspective on a few things. Ever notice how two people can see the same thing and have completely different interpretations of exactly the same event?  I’ve been reflecting on this recently, as it’s quite removed from the way we often think.  Often in science, things are […]

Self care is non-negotiable

self care is non negotiable

Many of us spend our time running around, and tend to forget about ourselves and our self care, and place ourselves last. This can be to the detriment of our own health and wellbeing. Self care is however, non-negotiable. When we don’t look after ourselves, our health, both mental and physical can suffer. I know […]

Skincare for yoga and fitness


Ever wondered whether you should modify your skincare when you’re into yoga and fitness? SGD’s beauty, yoga and fitness fanatics answer your questions.  Many girls steer clear of makeup when working out, or even worse, steer clear of working out because they are worried about their makeup.  However, with all the options out there these […]