Flawless Bridal Makeup Secrets

Flawless wedding makeup
Who doesn’t want flawless makeup on their wedding day?

How can you get flawless makeup on your wedding day? Sarah from SGD Body & Beauty spills a few of her flawless Bridal Makeup Secrets.

Flawless Bridal Makeup Tips & Secrets

  • Always drink plenty of water and stay well-hydrated.  This will mean your skin will also stay well-hydrated, which is key for preventing your makeup looking cakey or powdery.
  • Always moisturise.  This will stop your makeup sinking into your skin.
  • Please cleanse, tone and moisturise on the morning of the wedding.  It may sound obvious, but you’d be surprised how many girls turn up on the morning, sit down in the “makeup chair”, and tell you they’re ready, but haven’t cleansed or moisturised, they’ve just rolled out of bed.   This is a recipe for breakouts, putting makeup on top of skin that’s been lying on a pillow for at least a few hours.
  • Always use an eye cream for at least 2-4 weeks leading up to the wedding.  This will minimise any wrinkles and dark circles in the eye area.  Any eye cream worth buying should take action on these symptoms. 
  • Use a radiance boosting masque (see my top products below).
  • Always use a makeup primer for a smooth flawless canvas.  A smooth flawless canvas will give the best smooth and flawless result every time.

Hottest trends & application styles

  • Natural looking makeup is definitely in this year.  Brides want to look natural, and not too dramatic.
  • Metallic eye shadows are also big news.  Almost all my brides so far this year have had metallic eye shadow.
  • Standard application is definitely the way to go.  It looks more similar to the makeup you may do yourself every day.  You want to look like yourself on your wedding day, not like a stranger.

Top 5 wedding makeup products

  • An Arbonne cleanser in one is always a good bet for a busy wedding morning, when you don’t think you have time for a complex skin care routine.
  • Arbonne eye creams or gels work wonders, and will help eliminate any under eye bags.
  • Use a radiance boosting masque:  Arbonne RE9 Advanced Cellular Renewal Masque the night before, or a few nights before, will exfoliate to reveal glowing skin. Always make sure to use a sunscreen the morning after.
  • Arbonne Glossed Over Lip Gloss gives a great colour, and isn’t overly sticky like some glosses, but still gives that glowing lip that all brides want. Also don’t shy away from a lipstick if you prefer.
  • Arbonne Sheer Glow Highlighter gives a beautiful luminous finish, even when you may be a bit stressed.

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