Beauty (and other) benefits of Meditation

benefits of meditation

Meditation has really been hitting the mainstream, particularly with the special times we find ourselves in now. Many people ask what meditation can do for them. We were asked recently, what are the beauty benefits of meditation? We definitely believe it can, as well as helping with your health and wellness as well.

As we say all the time, stress can be responsible for a lot of things, including wrinkles, and tense muscles. As our muscles tense, and stress hormones flow, the body channels blood flow away from the skin, and to the muscles and vital organs, which is fair enough, according to the “fight and flight” mechanism. When blood flow is channeled away from the skin and hair, they may not get as much nourishment as they normally would, leading to the possibility they may start to look lack-lustre. Check out this article from Women’s Health mag if you’d like to read more on this. This “fight or flight” mechanism, and the associated stress hormones, such as cortisol can also affect our ability to loose weight, and can affect our health, so it’s well worth looking at this for these reasons alone.

We’ve also discussed previously how sleep can impact your beauty routine, and your skin health. Meditation calms the mind. When the mind is calm, we usually find it easier to sleep, when our mind is not wandering over the place. As such, this also then helps with our sleep. I know from experience, when I am calm, I definitely sleep better.

When we are calm, our muscles are generally more relaxed. Frowning, as we often do when we are stressed, uses more muscles than smiling. With tight muscles, we can be more prone to wrinkles as well. Skincare can only do so much to reduce wrinkles, when the wrinkles may be being caused or impacted by the tense muscles below the skin.

Meditation can also help to change our point of view of many things. Episode 24 of the 1GiantMind Podcast has some interesting thoughts on this, and is well worth listening to. If we change our point of view to a more positive one, this can help reduce tension, as I’ve indicated above, and the benefits of reducing tension for the mind is just amazing.

What are some of the other reasons meditation helps us stay healthy and look better? We’d love to hear from you in the comments.

Also, if you’re struggling currently with some of the restrictions happening in Australia, I’d love to help you with this. We’re offering a free 3 day learn to meditate course starting on 11 August, 2020. Bookings are open on our events page.

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