Getting the Best Wedding Hair and Makeup

Why Should You Hire A Hair and Make-up Artist For Your Event Photoshoot

Once engaged, one of the biggest things most brides start thinking about is how to look great on their wedding day.  A big part of this for most of us will be our hair and makeup.  There are plenty of options out there, from top tier bridal hair stylists and makeup artists, right down to […]

Unveiling the Genetic Influence on Exercise: How Our Genes Shape Physical Fitness

Genetic Influence on Exercise

When it comes to physical fitness and athletic performance, it’s no secret that genetics play a significant role. Our unique genetic makeup can influence various aspects of exercise, including our response to training, endurance capacity, muscle composition, and risk of certain injuries. In this blog post, we will explore how genetics affect our exercise abilities […]

Embrace the Chill: Why Exercising Outdoors in Winter Is Great

As the temperature drops and winter sets in, a lot of us are inclined to hibernate indoors and forgo our regular exercise routines. However, embracing the chill and engaging in outdoor physical activities during winter can provide numerous benefits for both our physical and mental well-being. In this blog post, we will explore the advantages […]

Nutrition, Meditation and Mindset with Emma Bitz

Emma Blitz Nutrition, meditation and Mindset

In this podcast episode, I dive into all things nutrition, meditation and mindset with Emma Bitz, the Wellness Mentor. Emma is a Nutritionist and meditation teacher, and is passionate about helping people move towards a happy mind, healthy body, and happy life. Emma Bitz: The tracking diary we spoke about during this interview is […]

The Gut Brain Axis and the Enteric Nervous System

Gut brian axis - Enteric nervous system

The Gut Brain Axis and the Enteric Nervous System plays an amazing role in the body and in our health.  Where do our Gut Feelings come from? This little video will help explain a bit more. This video was recorded during a short networking event, with a very brief introduction on this topic. If you’d […]

Preparing for Your Event Shoot: Hair and Make-up Tips

Preparing for Your Event Shoot: Hair and Make-up Tips

So you have finally decided to have that photoshoot you have been looking forward to. You’re now ready to face the camera and show off those poses you’ve been practising for a couple of days.  But then you remember that before your photoshoot, you still have one last thing you need to take care of. […]

Why Should You Hire A Hair and Make-up Artist For Your Event Photoshoot

Why Should You Hire A Hair and Make-up Artist For Your Event Photoshoot

No matter what kind of photoshoot we are going to have, we always want to look our best. So if you want to look gorgeous during the day of your photoshoot, we suggest hiring a professional hair and makeup artist to help you. You might think that hiring a hair and makeup artist can be […]

Healthy Breakfast and Morning Routines

What do you do first thing in the morning?  Do you have breakfast first thing?  No matter where you choose to have breakfast, that’s fine, as long as you are having a healthy breakfast & morning routine to set you up for the day. Eating a healthy breakfast gives you more energy and can help […]

New Nutrition thoughts: Including Collagen Supplements

Arbonne Collegen Builder

  Arbonne has launched some new nutrition products, including a new flavour of their Collagen Builder supplement.  How does this differ from some of the other Collagen Supplements out there? What do I think of these?  A Collagen Builder is quite different to a standard Collagen supplement, in that a builder helps the body to […]

Nourished winter skin

new skincare

Do you find your skin is feeling a little dry or lacklustre over winter?  If so, I’ve got a few thoughts on getting your winter glow back with nourished winter skin. Here are a few tips and tricks I’ve learnt over the years to keep your skin nourished over winter. Stay hydrated.  Often when it’s […]