8 Tips for Flawless Skin

Flawless skin
Flawless skin is vital if you want to cut down the amount of time you spend on makeup.

As a beauty therapist and makeup artist, I truly believe that flawless skin is something almost every woman wants, in one way or another.  I’ve even heard women who claim that their skin is fine, asking for us to “cover up those dark circles under my eyes”, or cover up that pesky pimple, or discoloration.  However, all of these could be helped by following our 8 tips for flawless skin. Currently, this is at the top of many people’s list.

  • Don’t forget to cleanse morning and night.  Although it’s been said many times, and I’m sometimes inclined to agree, that you might not need to shell out big dollars on an expensive cleanser, you need to cleanse morning & night.  The cleanse in the morning means your makeup goes into clean skin & you’re not trapping dirt underneath.  The evening cleanse removes makeup & prevents it from being pushed deeper into your pores as your face rests on the pillow overnight.  It’s also true that leaving your makeup on overnight can cause your skin to age, as you aren’t allowing it to detoxify itself.  Cleansing helps with the detoxification process. If you follow one of our 8 tips for flawless skin, make it this one.
  • Use an SPF everyday.  UV rays are one of the biggest causes of dark spots and blemishes.  This step can be as simple as using a moisturizer or foundation in the morning that has an SPF included. It may be debatable whether this one should be at the top of our list. Either way, this one is a vital part of our 8 tips for flawless skin.
  • If all else fails, even if you don’t like wearing much, if any, makeup, there are some amazing options out there at the moment, including the wave of new CC creams available.  These offer a bit more coverage than a tinted moisturizer, but not as much as foundation.  When paired with mascara and a touch of lip gloss, they can really lift your complexion.
  • Use a night cream.  I know some women who swear that a moisturizer is a moisturizer plain and simple.  If you’re not a scientist, other than the SPF on the label of your day cream, that may definitely appear to be the case.  There is definitely a difference.  Night creams are packed with nutrients, and are generally richer than day creams.  At night, after cleansing, while you sleep, your skin goes to work healing and regenerating itself.  Night creams are designed to give skin the nutrients it needs to do this, so don’t skip it.  But what about if you find a night cream too rich, and it causes you to break out?  Consider a serum.  Serums are light weight and if you compare the ingredients, they often have many of the same ingredients as night creams. Consider a treatment at night, such as retinol, or a hydroxy acid product which will increase cell turnover. Arbonne has some great new gentle products.
  • Along the same lines as this, make sure the products you use are right for your skin type.  More often than not, the products you used 3-5 years ago may no longer be the best bet for your skin.  Periodically review what you’re using on you skin, get professional advice if needed and overhaul where required.
  • Periodically spring clean your cosmetic and skincare cupboard.  I’ve written about this before, so I’m not going to go into huge details, but products have shelf lives after opening, and use by dates, much like the good in your refrigerator.  Make sure to pay attention to these and discard any products which may be past their prime.
  • Make sure you eat a balanced diet.  I know I’ve definitely been guilty of not thinking of this one when it comes to looking after my skin.  I see it all the time, when I don’t drink enough water, or eat too much oily food, my skin doesn’t look as clear and can tend to break out.  Oops! 
  • Avoid stress.  Stress can be the biggest killer of your skin, leading to dryness, breakouts, and even more lines.  Obviously, with cortisol, the stress hormone buzzing around your body, it has to be metabolized, and his often leads to the body focussing on this, rather than on regenerating the skin.  Often we top this up with extra serves of comforting food as well, within can lead to breakouts.  As we frown more, the number of lines in our face also sets in.  Thinking about booking that holiday now?  There’s a reason people say you have that post-holiday glow!

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